Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cleaning Carpets with Steam

Steam Carpet Cleaning
The process of steam cleaning your carpet involves hot water being fed to a spray extraction tool orwand, coupled to a pump vacuum power unit. The cleaning solution is injected under pressure deep into the carpet through water jet nozzles.
The water will then penetrate the fiber all the waydown to the backing. This action will loosen anyembedded soil, remove oil and grease deposits, andget your carpet cleaner than it has ever been.
There are many types and makes of steam carpet cleaners available on the market, ranging from smallportables to the large and very powerful truck mounted units. The principle is the same no matterwhat model you pick.
The models that are truck mounted are designed sothat only the hose and the wand are taken into thearea being cleaned. These units are very powerful,delivering hot water and generating a high vacuumrecovery that can be powered by diesel fuel, gas,propane, or even by the motor of the truck.
Most carpet manufacturers, fiber producers, andprofessional cleaners endorse this process for achieving soil removal efficiency. With the presentstate of art equipment and technology, we are morethan capable of high production and cleaning of carpet.
The real disadvantage to steam carpet cleaning arethe problems that are associated with over wettingand longer drying times. These can be eliminatedhowever, by a skilled operator who uses equipmentthat is well maintained and in good overall operating condition.
Currently, there are two methods being used withsteam carpet cleaning. 1. This method involves a trafficlane cleaner being sprayed onto the traffic lanesand then agitated into the fibers. The entirearea is then cleaned by using a hot water extractorthat has a cleaning solution being injected intothe fibers through the wand. 2. The second method involves a free rinse emulsifying pre-spray being sprayed onto theentire carpet, then agitated into the fibers.
Steam cleaning procedures 1. Prepare the equipment and supplies. Ina pump or power sprayer you should mix the freerinsing pre-spray. In the solution tank of theextractor, mix the rinsing agent. 2. If you have a lot of furniture to move,make yourself a floor plan. 3. If the area being cleaned has furniture,you should remove as much as possible. 4. Thoroughly vacuum the carpet. If thepile is crushed or matted, use a pile brush toloosen the soils which will make vacuuming more effective. 5. Pre-spray a good amount of the pre-spray. 6. Using a grooming tool, agitate the prespray deep into the fibers then let it sit for 10 - 15 minutes, making sure that it doesn't dry out. 7. Extract the area using a portable, truckmounted, or automatic carpet cleaner. 8. Repeat steps 5 through 7 until theentire area has been cleaned. 9. Groom the cleaned area, replace allfurniture that was removed, then clean all equipmentthat you used.

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Still Smoking In Your Home? Clean the air...

Smokers: What Air Purifiers Can Do For You
Are you a cigarette smoker? Even if you are not, personally, is there someone inside your home who is? If so, there is a good chance that you know all to well the awful smell that results from a cigarette. In addition to the awful smell, cigarette smoke changes otherwise okay air into air that is unhealthy to breath. Of course, the easiest way to eliminate unhealthy air, due to cigarette smoke, is to quit smoking, but not everyone wants to. If that is the case with you or with someone inside your household, you are urged to examine what an air purifier can do for you.
Air purifiers are electronic devices that are used to clean up the air. They do this by reducing or completely eliminating the number of harmful air particles or contaminants in the air. In most cases, depending on the air purifier, this is done with the use of a filter A filter, will work to prevent these air particles from passing through the grid. Essentially, this makes the air coming out of the machine cleaner and healthier.
As nice as air purifiers are, they are not excellent, especially when it comes to removing smoking particles from the air. This is mostly due to the fact that most air purifiers cannot keep up with the particles released from a cigarette. However, that does not mean that you shouldn’t try an air purifier. Even with smoking, you will find that air purifiers do help to keep the air cleaner and more breathable; they just do not completely eliminate the problem. As previously mentioned above, the problem can only be completely eliminated when smoking as been eliminated.
Despite the fact that not all air purifiers are able to completely clean the air from a smoker, there are some air purifiers that perform better than others. In fact, a number of air purifiers with a focus on cigarette smoke have been developed. The developers of these air purifiers’ likely spent years researching cigarette smoke and effective ways to eliminate the dangerous air particles associated with it. In many cases, these air purifiers have an additional filter. That filter, in a way, is considered special. It tends to work only to eliminate smoke particles, something that the filters in most traditional air purifiers let past.
If you are looking for an air purifier that can help to reduce the smoking particles inside your home, you are advised to use the internet. Online, when compared to traditional storefront retail locations, you will find a larger selection of air purifiers. This is because many storefront retail locations are limited on space. This means that your local home improvement store or department store may not carry a line of air purifiers that are specially designed for those with a smoking household; however, it is a different story with online retailers.
In your search for air purifiers, especially those that help to eliminate the air particles associated with smoking, it is likely that you will come across AllerAir purifiers. AllerAir has developed a line of air purifiers, especially for those who live inside a smoking household. These models are known as the AllerAir 4000 DS and the AllerAir 5000 DS. These air purifiers have the special smoking filter, which was mentioned above. This filter is effective at trapping and destroying smoke particles, as well as other dangerous or harmful air particles.
In addition to the AllerAir purifiers, mentioned above, there are also a number of other air purifier manufacturers that have developed air purifiers with smokers in mind. Before purchasing one of these products, it may be a good idea to further review that particular air purifier online. Feedback left by previous or even current customers is the best way to know if the product you are purchasing is worth or money or not. Air purifiers, especially those made for smoking households, can be considered an expensive purchase. That is why it is important that you know what you are purchasing before you actually purchase it.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Decorating Your Bathroom for Christmas

Decorating Your Bathroom for Christmas
Are you one of the many individuals who loves the Christmas holiday season? If so, there is a good chance that you may be interested in filling your home with Christmas decorations. Although you might not have given it any thought, did you know that you can also decorate your bathroom for Christmas? If you have yet to think about it, you might want to give it some serious thought. There are a number of Christmas decorations that would look great in your bathroom.

If you are looking for a simple, easy, but traditional way to decorate your bathroom for Christmas, you may want to try hanging a Christmas picture in the room. Whether that picture is an elegant framed picture or just one made of cardboard, such as a cardboard cutout of Santa or a Christmas tree, you could easily transform your bathroom with one simple Christmas picture. If you already have pictures in your bathroom, you could leave the pictures up or take them down until Christmas is over. For the ultimate Christmas feel, it may be better to only focus on one bathroom theme at a time
You can also decorate your bathroom for Christmas with the purchase of Christmas towels and washcloths. Depending on where you shop, you should be able to purchase a Christmas bathroom set, compete with matching towels and washcloths. In your search for Christmas towels or washcloths, you will find that many are designed as if they were for children, with cartoon-like characters. If you are looking for a more elegant Christmas style, you should also be able to find that as well. It is possible to find solid colored towels and washcloths that only have a small amount of Christmas on them, such as a simple snowflake or a small picture of a Santa. Allowing these towels to hang in your bathroom, whether you use them or not, is a great way to bring the Christmas spirit into one of the most used rooms in your home.

In addition to Christmas towels, you can also find a number of other Christmas decorations that are designed for the bathroom. Those items may include soap dishes or soap pumps. It is not uncommon to find a soap dish that has a Christmas design to it. The same can be said for soap or lotion pump containers. It is not uncommon to find some of these containers in the shape of Santa or a Christmas tree. What is nice about these types of Christmas decorations for the bathroom is that they can usually be purchased for a low price. You can usually find a collection of Christmas soap dishes or pumps in your local dollar store or discount store.
If you are really interested in brining the Christmas spirit into your bathroom, you could even go a step further. It was mentioned above that some bathroom sets come with matching towels and washcloths. It is also possible to purchase bathroom sets that include window curtains, shower curtains, as well as floor mats. Depending on where you are shopping, you may be able to find Christmas bathroom sets. These sets tend to include a shower curtain, floor matt, as well as wall curtains that, in one way or another, relates to Christmas. While it may seem as if a Christmas shower curtain is over the top, it might not necessarily be, especially if you love the holiday or have children in your home.

The above mentioned items are just a few of the many that you can use to decorate your bathroom for the Christmas holiday season. If you would like more decorating tips, you are advised to perform a standard internet search. It may be best to use the phrase Christmas bathroom decorating tips. Your search will likely return a fairly large number of results; results that may give you the perfect idea as to how you should go about decorating your bathroom for Christmas.

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Donkey Dreams

Donkey Dreams
You've got see this site.

NAOHSM-Important News For Oil Heat Managers

Today's oil heat managers are being pushed to the limit with increased workload and facing pressures from owners that have shrinking margins and demanding a profit from the service department. Suddenly, after years of giving the service away as a bonus to customers, because you counted on the fuel dollars to cover the losses, owners are now pressuring service managers for a profit.
Unfortunately, service managers have been pasted on the wall to turn a profit on contracts that often cost the customer less than just one service call and pay once yearly for 24/7 priority service. These customers are demanding and used to getting things for free, you now must enforce your parts that aren't covered, it doesn't matter anymore about the gallons, the profits are gone.
Another problem is the increasing cost of carrying last years non-paying customers (whom by the way suddenly reappears now for the need of fuel or service) and wants immediate service or a fuel delivery on a Saturday afternoon at 3PM and they also have a leak. Sound familiar? It should, but my question is and what I feel like saying is, "Where have you been all summer, looks like we called you a bunch of times for that last oil delivery and you never called us back?"
More issues are that you probably have had to reduce your staff, due to losses piling up during the off season, you now are doing more work for the same pay. Dealing with your techs is another fun subject, who's sick or can't work late 3 out of 5 nights and the bellyaching excuses and whining, add that to the mix and you need a mixed drink by noon!
If you're tired of this cycle and really like the fuel oil and heating industry, there is a end to your madness. First of all, if you're ready to walk and are just the least bit enterprising, I may change the direction of your career by the end of this article. You can start this while you are still working for your current employer and you will be glad you stopped and read this article.
This is an opportunity to get into something on the ground floor, there is nothing else like it and it is designed for fuel dealers to assess their risk. It allows dealers to assess their risk before taking on a new customer before making the first delivery or service call. I know, you check their credit and everything looks great, except they didn't pay their last fuel dealer and now they are looking for a new dealer, your company is next in line to get beat.
Your company can now feed from a database of local dealers and immediately find out if the new customer owes money to ANOTHER fuel dealer in your area. Sound interesting? Well, what the best part is, it is free for the dealer to try until they get their first hit. Oh, by the way, the dealer that is owed the money gets a warning that their non-paying customer is shopping, they can now take action on this. Don't worry, neither dealer is mentioned when it is checked, so no big secrets are out, we all know how precious a fuel dealers customer list is to them. There are many more features, but I can tell you all about them when you contact me.
How do YOU fit into the equation?
You can offer this product to your local dealers and get paid every month for as long as they remain a customer, the income possibilities are endless. Just think of how many fuel dealers are in your state, and then multiply this times $89.80 per dealer, per month, if your multiplication is right, one hundred dealers is $8980.00 per month in income. Does this sound like something you might want to do? The income is unlimited, this is a ground floor opportunity and you may be sorry if you see your owner buy it from someone else.
We are expanding nationwide and looking for people with experience in the home and commercial heating business. You know the issues dealers face and can relate to the huge problem of increasing accounts receivables and write offs. The cost to the dealer is equivalent to one oil drop per month, they will make the payment back on the first customer that they don't deliver to or collect COD.
If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please be sure to include your phone or cell phone number so I can tell you about this, you will be impressed.
Contact: Paul Russo

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Reduce your debt

Stop using your debit card to buy a pack of gum, the newspaper and your snack. You are spending more than you have to. Read my special and free report below. You can enlarge the page by using the box in the right top corner. You can also dowload it and save a copy and read it later. You can also embed this article on your website or blog. Just hover over the iPaper icon on the top toolbar slightly left of center and use the embed code on the bottom, the following box will appear on you website as shown below.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saving Money And Reducing Debt-An Everyday Job

A few years back my wife and I both owned businesses and were doing well for ourselves. We bought the nicest things and charged and spent at will, which was the easy part. One day, after feeling like I had the flu for about three weeks, I finally ran out of steam and ended up in the hospital for two weeks and recovering for another two months. Luckily my wife had tucked a rainy day fund away and we survived through this. For the first time in a long time we had to make tough decisions on our purchases and ultimately decided to put some rules in place, in case her or I were ever out for an extended period of time.
We set up 10 basic rules:
Rule 1- If we are to purchase any item over $200, we must both agree it is needed
Rule 2- Any purchases made with a credit card must be able to be paid off within 90 days.
Rule 3- Once a year we will sit down and make a plan for any major purchases, such as home improvements, appliances etc.
Rule 4- At the end of each week, we will sit down and pay ourselves first, deposit any extra money into savings or investments.
Rule 5- Everyone must be involved even the kids, they must learn how to live within their means
Rule 6- Eating out will be cut from once per week to once every two weeks, the extra money will go into our savings.
Rule 7- Fill up the tank at the beginning of the week in both vehicles, allows us to shop for the best gas price, not get it when your on fumes.
Rule 8- Lunches will come from home at least 4 days per week for everyone
Rule 9- The mall is taboo! Discount stores have the same products for less.
Rule 10- Shop for price, use coupons and buy in bulk when an item we use a lot of is on sale.

Set the bar high! If you keep track of what you spend everyday for one week, you will be surprised. The coffee, lunch, snacks, cigarettes, convenience store stops and other frivolous purchases. I did it for one week and I was surprised, so I took the numbers and figured out that I could save $60 a week on just coffee and lunch!You can take that $60 and pay down debt, save it or invest it!
Finally, I am not the only success story in doing this, you can do it too.
See How You can Live On a Dime.